How it works

UserGems creates a comprehensive profile of publicly available information, based on the email address of your customer.
Your customer becomes this:

Everything happens automatically

Send email addresses automatically from your favorite tools and get notified via Slack or per email when an important customer signs up.

Identify and engage important customers to improve your business


Identify Influencers with millions of followers within your own customer base and turn them into advocates


Identify journalists and bloggers who already use your product and could write about your business

Business Partners

Identify VC's, Angels or Business leads among your customers and turn them into business partners


  • Starter
  • 1,500
    email addresses / month
  • $79 / month
    No credit card required
  • Pro
  • 10,000
    email addresses / month
  • $249 / month
    No credit card required
  • Pro+
  • 10,000+
    email addresses / month
  • Talk to us!
    No credit card required
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Every company benefits from knowing their customers

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UserGems Academy

Learn more about all things customer intelligence

Influencer - Micro-Influencer - Advocates: Which strategy is right for your product?

Find out what's actually the difference - and when to use whom!

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Three simple ways for a more effective email marketing campaigns

Studies show that segmenting your marketing campaign not only increases click-through rate by 150%, but also generate 6x more sales from their campaigns.

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