Turn your best customers into your marketing machinery.

UserGems identifies the hidden stars among your customers and turns them into authentic, enthusiastic and cost-efficient ambassadors.

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Find the (hidden) stars


UserGems creates a comprehensive profile of publicly available information, based on the email address of your customer. You’ll get detailed information about how many followers they have on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook and how much engagement they create.

Automatically engage them


UserGems can help you select and automatically reach out to the customers with the most followers and turn them into your loyal ambassadors who generate traffic and sales for you. Set it and forget it - and watch your newest marketing wonder. Or, do it yourself, using our sophisticated tools!


Get detailed reports


Get detailed information about how your campaign is performing, how many customers are participating and how much engagement they’ve created. You also get access to all the user generated content and can use it for additional marketing campaigns.

Work with influencers who are already your customers to run authentic marketing campaigns
Get all your customers’ social media information including Instagram, Youtube & LinkedIn accounts and their influence
Working with your own customers is the most cost-effective form of advertising
UserGems focuses on Influencers with higher than average engagement to give your campaign that little edge

Simple Pricing

No hidden charges. Cancel anytime.

  • The $19 / month Starter plan.
    Supports 250 new customers / month
  • The $79 / month Pro plan.
    Supports 1,500 new customers / month
  • The $249 / month Business plan.
    Supports 10,000 new customers / month


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